Arctic+ Salinity is a ESA funded project (November 2018 – May 2020), which aims to contribute to an integrated observation system for the Arctic. In particular, the Arctic+ Salinity aims to reach the following objectives:

  • Support the development of new satellite based products of Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) from SMOS and SMAP (i.e. ESA and NASA satellites)
  • Investigation of the observed Arctic ocean processes, including regional ocean dynamics, land-ocean freshwater flows and furthering the Evaporation (E) minus Precipitation (P) studies
  • Explore the potential of new EO salinity dataset to improve current ocean models
  • Engage regional Arctic Science community as part of the well round Science Roadmap


ARGANS is undertaking this ESA project associated with partners the Barcelona Expert Centre and the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre

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